NPC duplication bug back in 2.1

NPC duplication bug is back worse in 2.1. Around Misty's place I found 30 duplicates while just walking from 1 area to another. Dark haired girl with gold chain necklace and orange pants. Their were others of 3 or 4 within a short distance.
How to enable please. Found more.
I don't play on PC and I'm not 100% sure if "slow HDD mode" option is still in the game settings, knowing since 2.0, the game "have" to be installed on a SSD (in theory, according to the new requirement, HDD are not longer supported).
But check in the game settings in case, this option have to be disabled if the game is installed on a SSD.
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I think it was SSD from the start but I always use SSD with all my drives as it is faster and more reliable. It's in gameplay/performance/hdd mode...
Was set to ON, I have set it to OFF (see how it goes). The default puts it on AUTO. I have the crowds set to Medium.
Thank You SO much for your help.
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I saved at the spot where duplication was, when I loaded the game it was populated with all different NPC's, I feel cheated now.
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I think it worked,played for several hours and only found twins once. Thank You Lekill3rFou.
Weird how that setting would do that.
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