Patch 2.01 - PS5 - Inventory is a mess

After patch 2.01 my inventory has gone bananas.

- Tier 5 upgraded weapons with mods have turned into Tier 1 weapons with different mods.
- Other Tier 5 weapons (like the Ashura) have disappeared entirely
- Some other weapons that were not tier 5, turned into Tier 5...
- Other items disappeared completely
- Some unique weapons, items and clothes from quests have been duplicated. I now have 3 Overwatch weapons, 3 Johnny's Jackets and more. Items that I obviously cant sell or get rid off

The most amazing thing though... the most hilarious even, is that if I reload my save without overwritting it after patch 2.01 installed, my inventory keeps changing randomly. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: This means that other Tier 5 weapons go to Tier 1, other tier 4 get to tier 5, other items disappear, other duplicate... its like every time I load my original prior 2.01 save, my entire inventory gets randomized....

If you save while 2.01 is installed then that inventory you saved with sticks with you.

But any save prior 2.01 you can reload infinite times until you get a good roll...

I have no words CDPR... I really have no words... It is actually impressive that after 3 years things like corrupted saves, bugged quests (I still cant start the coin operated boy quest like forever... I have that exclamation point on my map since the dawn of age, also i cant move Crash weapon in stash since PS4 days and more) , glitches bugs and all sort of problems still exist...

No words really...
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Similar issues here too.
Pistol down from T5+ to T4.
Attachments also downgraded.
Monowire from T5+ to T1.
Stash seems also mixed up, with duplicates and lower Tier weapons which weren’t there before patch 2.01 or had a higher Tier.

I’m on Playstation 5.
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