Pax Weapon Mod Extremely Inconsistent: Non-lethal combat requires constant reloads

This has been a bug I've noticed a lot since 2.0 dropped. It would sometimes happen in older version of the game, but no where near as often. Despite only using guns with the Pax mods, enemies I down will often straight up die. This isn't due to accidentally double tapping either: a single shot will often blow chunks of an enemy's body off with no consistent reason or replicability. The random nature of the bug also makes it near impossible to report by providing a save since reloading might fix it much of the time. Luckily (or unluckily), I have a save where I seem to be able to reproduce the issue with the Netwatch goons that jump V after a specific gig. They seem to almost always die to non-lethal weapons when I load from a specific save. Might finally be able to report the bug with a save, but I'm worried it'll show up "fine" on CDPR's end on their machines.

I know I'm not losing my mind since many other players have reported this issue and it's definitely been noticeable as I've played post Phantom Liberty. If anybody else has had this issue, managed to solve it, or can provide a save where this issue always happens on reloading, it would greatly appreciated. I swear my 100% no kill run has an extra dozen hours or so on it just because of this bug.
CDPR seemed to stop caring about none lethal combat as a gameplay element years ago. Maybe I'm misremembering, but I'm pretty sure that it was a lot easier to play the game none lethal prior to, say, patch 1.6 and I'm sure there were some skills that encouraged it. Now I don't believe there's a single gameplay element that encourages none lethal combat. Even the cyberpsychos don't die if you riddle them with a million bullets as long as you don't shoot them after they dropt the ground, or (I swear to god) accidentally jump on them when they're downed. The only part of the game that promoted none lethal combat was made completely redundant.

Now obviously whst you're talking about is an actual bug, but clearly so little interest is put into none lethal combat that I wouldn't get my hopes up that this bug will be fixed. Maybe just try beating the enemies with a dildo instead.
I wonder if this happens because the dismemberment/instant fatality system (unintentionally?) overrides non-lethal damage. Anecdotes != data, but I seem to be doing fine with low dmg/shot and blunt weapons.
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