Phantom Liberty ,where to Start ?

Hi there,

I just started playing the Game again since i never finished the Story back than. from all the Spoilers back than i sure know about the Endings.
So my Question is at which point to start with Phantom Liberty? Is it a In Between Story or should i wait till i finished the Main Story?
You can start as soon you as you finish Placide story part.

My recommendation is to complete any romance quests before that and get upto level 35-40.
technically you can enter pretty early in act 2 (after the vodoo questline) and mix it up with base game gigs/missions: hopping between dogtown and the rest of night city - personally i would play it as a closed bubble after you reach the point of no return. but thats just me.
OK i did play the main Mission till i got the quest to meet hanako in the Ember Club. only the mission chippin in that leads to meet kerry i did not finish since i still waited for that other chick´s call. but i started with phantom liberty and i killed the chimera. am i still able after to continue with the chippin in mission and others?
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