Pop in, light rendering, shadows, and shimmering are almost unbearable for me

There is a gang fight that is the exact area I'm talking about, no rendered ground and walls around there area are unfinished. Also I've tried multiple accounts and saves over different patches.
Ok, so there nothing you can do at your own (it's the same for all plateforms and players). Just need to be patient and report it like you have did it ;)
Thanks for the update, Do you know of any other areas like this in the game?
Nope, if I'm right it's probably the last one (day one, there was few more, but fixed since 1.2, I think).
But there are still small texture issues (like a pole with a low texture in Arroyo), floating street lights at the Sunset Motel. But nothing like that :)
(that's why it's better to report it/them, because finding small flaws at random in a city like Night City is rather difficult)
Since update 1.2, I see cars and NPCs spawning and materialising (fading in) right in front of me. It doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to be annoying. Same happens with weapons when I pull them up for the first time after loading a new game.

Did you guys get this glitch as well since v1.2?

I'm running on a Ryzen 5900x + RTX 3080.
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