Pro-tip for "I didn't sign up for this" mode

It's an interesting mode, but if you see that your opponent has 26+ cards in a deck, you might as well instaquit... or get bored to death!

26+ cards can only mean that they pilot a deck with renfri soldiers and one other repeated bronze card (typically, a bonded bandit that damages and bleeds).

The game against this deck is not fun and will result in point slam on the last turn. So, don't waste your time and don't give the opponent running this deck any satisfaction. Quit and start a more interesting game - there are plenty of players with original decks there.
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Update: as of now, 2/3 of the games players use this renfri soldier + bleeding bandit deck. Very disappointing.
I wonder if they have fun playing the mirror decks against each other LOL
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Reminder: if your opponent has more than 25 cards in this mode - forfeit and don't waste your precious time.
It's renfri soldier + iron falcon knife juggler. You will not enjoy this gameplay, trust me :coolstory:
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