PS5 Cross Progression Save won't upload


I have a native ps5 save file from a while back. It was last updated before the phantom liberty update.
Today I bought the Ultimate Edition on Steam to play Phantom Liberty etc. resuming my save file on PC.

However, I have created a new CD Projekt Red account, linked the account to both my playstation account and my steam account, logged in on the save game interface on PS5. Its definitely all connected to the same account.

But every time I save a new file on PS5, I get the cloud icon with the up arrow, but after that thje cloud icon disappears entirely and I dont get the save uploaded and it certainly doesn't appear on my PC instance of the game.

(I have uploaded a video capture from the PS5 to show this issue)

Hopefully this is just a temporary server issue but I suspect not, given all the account related changes CD Projekt Red have been doing lately.


  • PS5 Cross Prog Save
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You should directly contact the support for help or at least to get an answer.
No dedicated category, but this one should be fine ("contact us" button)
Ah great, thanks!

I couldn't find any kind of 'Contact Us' button on the support website earlier, will try this route.
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