Push it to the Limit FPS Drops

So unpon starting phantom liberty performance has been absolutly fine, driving and running around dog town with a smooth framerate. However as soon as i start the quest Push It to the Limit quest performance get a lot worse. Im talking going from 70+FPS on Ultra (No RT + DLSS Quality at 1440p) to 40FPS until the quest finishes. This kind of drop seems very strange to me
Anyone else had this issue

Running a
i7 10700K
Yes. I'm having weird issues like that. It's almost like performance is weirdly tied to some quests or something. I was getting relatively bad performance up until you wake up in the landfill at the beginning of the game, at which point it all stabilized. It's much later in the game for me now, and performance has tanked again now that I've accepted a bunch of quests.

I noticed that you get a similar performance drop whenever you're speaking to someone who calls you, only to have performance stabilize once you're done with the conversation. I wonder if that's the issue. Maybe somehow there's a bug related to a call and its quest that messes with perfomance and it doesn't go away until you finish it up.
Well I didn't notice things being quest-bound but after spending some time in 2.0 and then reverting to 1.63 for mods, I experienced an overall FPS gain with the "downgrade"....
So After playing through Phantom Liberty a bit more. It seems to be an issue with all car delivery gigs for El Capitan. As soon as he ends his call with you after providing drop off co-ordinates, FPS will drop. however if you enter and exit the vehcile FPS will go back to how it was before the quest.

For me its around 70-80 before the quest and the drops between 40-60Fps when completing the quest.

Ive tired to record what im expercing
This is Without exsting the vehcile
This is When Exisitng the vehcile

I have more or less taking the same route to try and demonstrate the issue, to me it looks like GPU utilization is poor unless i exit the vehcile

The video quality itself isnt the best (Youtube may still be processing at the time i prost this) But hopefully it clearly demonstates with the FPS counter the issue im expericing once the mission starts and how its "fixed" once i enter and exit the vehcile. Happens with all car delivery gigs
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