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Rainbox Six: Siege, Year 4

Have you all seen that sweet new roadmap that was just released? What are your thoughts on all the new changes and reworks? I think it's going to be a great year for Siege. I really like that Ubisoft communicates with their community in such a big style.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy for the fact that we're getting a Mexican operator. I'm so glad that Kanal, Kafe and Theme Park are getting reworked. I really dislike those three maps. The Deployable Shield is just OOF. Lion got nerfed hard but I guess it's okay since he was pretty insane. That's just some of my thoughts. Pretty excited.

The game's very different from Gwent but it's really tactical at times. That's why it stood out to me. Almost every game feels different from the last even if it's the same map. I highly recommend buying this game, it's cheaper than ever. Try getting all the OPS as well. The game isn't as generous as Gwent, but it's not that grindy either.