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Rate Every Card Game that You Play

Okay I just realized that I'm playing about 4 different card games off and on. So I came up with some categories to rate them and I'm curious how Gwent stands up to you guys. Now I hope this doesn't count as advertising becasue that's NOT my goal at all since all these games I'm listing are well known already. But if you have to remove the topic because I mentioned other games then by all means...

Anyway the categories are as follows and are ranked from A -> F just like a school grade where A is for Excellence and F is for Failure:

Frequency : How often do you play it?
Game Design
: How well are the game mechanics designed?
Card Design : Is it fair? Is it interesting?
Fun : Is it FUN?
Rewards/Value : Is it worth investing time and money?
Summary : Explain your rankings

So here are my card games I'm currently playing:

MTG: Arena

Frequency : B
Game Design : C -
Card Design : B -
Fun : C -
Rewards/Value : A


Frequency : C -
Game Design : B
Card Design : D -
Fun : D +
Rewards/Value : F


Frequency : B -
Game Design : A -
Card Design : B
Fun : C +
Rewards/Value : A


Frequency : D -
Game Design : A +
Card Design : A -
Fun : B
Rewards/Value : C +

Summary - Lately I've discovered that MTG is currently the most fun I'm having with card games but losing close games to mana floods/famines is also the most soul crushing that's why I had to drop it for one letter grade. Hearthstone is a game I only play to fool around with randomness, otherwise I have no respect for the card design and frankly I could only describe Hearthstone as being fun for me about once every 30 games or so. Also it's the most stupidly expensive except maybe Artifact but I'm not sure. HS has solid mechanics as in there are no mana floods/famines... but it also has consistently bad card design holding it back. Gwent, which has amazing game design overall, however since the developers have attempted to design a more complex strategic matrix than the other two card games, it may take them a while to figure out how to maximize the potential of Gwent's design space. Also, seeing as Gwent is still in it's base set, there are fewer cards, obviously, which has a negative impact on Fun. Gwent is also the most generous game, tied with MTG Arena in so far my opinion and for that I am appreciative. Krosmaga, in my opinion, is the best card game out there. However, unfortunately, there haven't been any updates in a year and a half, I guess? So I haven't been playing it for about a year personally.
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