Rebalanced iconic weapons specs after 2.1 ?

Good morning everyone in the forum!
I just restarted a game after 2.1 update and there are 2 weapons with worse specs than in patch 2.0:

2.1: 12% electric damage
2.0: 20% electric damage

Prototype Mark V:
2.1: 22% burn damage
2.0: 30% burn damage

I'm doubting whether they have been rebalanced or if, depending on the level at which you go to look for them, the specs vary. In 2.0, I took the Mark V at Tier 3, but now it's Tier 2. And, for Yanglong, i crafted in Tier 4+, but now it's for Tier 2.

I have to say with Yanglong in patch 2.0, I repeated the mission several times and on one of the occasions I got 20% electric damage, i d'ont if was a bug. Are there still variations in specs in patch 2.1, or will I always get the same one? If it depends on your level when you go to look for them, I'll wait to pick them up later.

Sorry for the long text I wrote.

Does anyone have information on this?

I've looked all over the forum and haven't seen any similar questions.

Thank you very much!
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