Cyberware Tiers bug?

Hello there!

I've bought gorilla arms tier 3 for my lvl 27 character in a fresh started game with patch 2.0.
Right after upgrading to 2.1 both of my gorilla arms cyberware are dumped down to tier 1.
The thermal was tier 2... now its tier 1. Does anybody else ecountered this?

I also got a strange display bug for my weapons before completing the heist. My weapons were clearly tier 2 but when looked upon them in my backpack, they were shown as tier 1.

I tried loading the save File of my max lvl corpo character with a 100% game completion and everything on legendary!
The gorilla arms are also dumped down to tier 1 on this character! And to make it worse... the gorilla arms are not upgradable anymore.
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