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So what do you think Letho's new power will be?

I mean, I would take SPYING : lock and banish two adjacent units and boost LETHO by their power back in a minute.

Though my guess is that it will revolve around replaying a tactic card from your graveyard or maybe, maybe, Nilfgaard will get an Alchemy card tutor.
"Remove opponents mulligans for next round. If your opponent leader is Foltest or Demavend you win a game.


OG Letho: 15 provisions, 5 str.,
Ability: timer - 5
When timer reaches zero. Your opponent is forced to pass a round.

Goes with his flavour...

The latter probably suits more L:kingslayer. I still do not underatand why L:kingslayer is basically more flexible Dudu..
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Deploy: damages an enemy by the amount of Alchemy cards you have in your starting deck.
Order: play an alchemy card from your graveyard
Power: 3, Provisions: 11
xd just kinda Alchemy from Beta
With Nilfgaard now having a locking archetype, the old ability without consuming the locked enemies might be fine, but instead he would damage each locked enemy by 1.
If I were to guess, he'll probably support the locking archetype but that's just what I think.

If I could pick ANY ability that I want, I'd pick something like:

"Order: Lock an ally and your opponent's highest unit and swap their power."

Maybe the locks are unnecessary, but it would add damage to Slave Driver. Maybe around 5-6 power.


"Spying. After 1 turn, destroy the highest unit on this row and move to the opposite side."

Moving back to your side is just for flavor, but I think it'd be cool. Maybe he could be 3 power, just so that he doesn't get killed so easily.