The game just sort of... reloaded itself...? Without actually, y'know... loading?

Okay, no idea why this happened. I was doing the Ozob quest, driving along. I turn off the bridge, hit a lamp post, and for a single frame my car is suddenly doing 312 in the air, hitting a building - then bang, game switches to a black loading screen that only ever went a quarter full before just getting stuck. Waited about five minutes before just closing the game entirely.

Here's a clip :
(Issue initially occurs at appx. 0:30 )

No clue what happened or what caused it, mind you. all I know is that it happened out of nowhere.'s not the way it's supposed to work. :D

So a bit more about your setup:

1.) Are you using any mods, or have you ever used any in the past?

2.) What are you using for controls? Any customizable gamepads, mouses, non-QWERTY keyboards, etc?

3.) Anything running in the background, like streaming software or the like?

4.) Anything unique about your setup? Anything at all with hardware or software (non-standard computer stuff)?
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