Still have invulnerability glitch

I've tried the guide on Reddit that says to use the save game editor to delete an entry in the save game file for invulnerability on "V", but it doesn't seem to work. I have a key that says 'Invulnerable', but it doesn't seem to do anything when I delete it, the value reappears in the save game file. I deleted all my save games, except for one, to make sure I was editing the right one and I am. I also tried the berserk mode fix, but that wasn't bugged when I looked up the health value in the save game.

Any ideas?
I wonder if it thinks you in the middle of some quest stage where V would normally be tagged invulnerable. Other than reloading to a point before this problem occurred, I am not sure how you'd fix that. This sort of thing is why I make a manual save before starting any new mission and then I keep like six or seven of them in case I ever have to roll back. Better to lose an hour or two of play than a whole play-through.

Saved me one time when my phone interface disappeared for no reason. Probably the same kind of problem. It thought I was still in the middle of some quest or conversation where the phone would normally be disabled/hidden. Sometimes this happens to people where they get stuck in combat mode even when there are no more enemies around. It's all about the game missing some "exit" condition and not cleaning up game state properly. But good luck finding exactly the flags you need to tick to fix it.
If you are using save editor, you are probably using the mods, so I would try the command which toggles invulnerability:

ModStatPl = function(ID, value) Game.GetStatsSystem():AddModifier(Game.GetPlayer():GetEntityID(), RPGManager.CreateStatModifier(ID, gameStatModifierType.Additive, value)) end ApplStatEff = function(effect) Game.GetStatusEffectSystem():ApplyStatusEffect(Game.GetPlayer():GetEntityID(), effect) end RemoStatEff = function(effect) Game.GetStatusEffectSystem():RemoveStatusEffect(Game.GetPlayer():GetEntityID(), effect) end if Game.GetStatusEffectSystem():HasStatusEffect(Game.GetPlayer():GetEntityID(), "BaseStatusEffect.Invulnerable") == false then ApplStatEff("BaseStatusEffect.Invulnerable") print(" - NO DAMAGE TAKEN: ON") else RemoStatEff("BaseStatusEffect.Invulnerable") print(" - NO DAMAGE TAKEN: OFF") end

You can just copy and paste it into CET console.
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