Stuck in front of the garage - I've seen that face before


I have an issue with the quest : "I've seen that face before" after taking control of the car, I drive in front of the garage door, but this one is closed, as you can see :

I have already try multiple things :
- Reload a previous save before the quest
- Sleep in Dogtown, leave via the entrance, sleep in NC, go back in Dogtown via the entrance
- Sleep for severals days in a row
- Restarting the game
- Try different things during this quest (ICE upgrade option, hack directly or wait until the end....)
- Go on other quests

I am playing on Xbox SX, version 2.12. I have the game on the PC as well but not the DLC therfore I can't test it on it, with cross progression (and I don't want to buy the DLC again...).

Can you tell me what are my options right now ?
I am currently reinstalling the game on the console, this is the last thing I can think of.

Thanks for your support
Can you tell me what are my options right now ?
On console, not much :(
But if you didn't, you can try to clear the cache and reload a save before taking control of the car.
(Also, maybe if you toke control of the car right away, try to wait a bit, listen the convo between twins. Or the opposite, take control right away, if you listened the convo before)
Also, just to be sure, it's a playthrough you started on your Series X. If you started it on your PC, did you use mods on this playthrough?
Anyway, if it doesn't work, you can send a ticket directly to the support for help ("contact us" button).

Thanks for your answer ! I did the reinstall but it didn't work neither.

In the end the solution was to go right onto the closed garage door then drive away, like hundreds meter and the door was open.

So I finally find a way ! (I had a similar issue in the next mission with a half closed door, going back and coming again has fixed the issue)

The playthrough has been done only on Xbox, never on PC, so no mods at all.
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