[Suggestion] Improving KB/M vehicle controls


So, yeah... the controls in this game are clearly focused around game controllers. Which is kinda sad, because of the aiming aspect of the game - if a game has aiming mechanics / the core game mechanic has to do with a lot of aiming, I prefer KB/M controls.

Driving a vehicle - left&right movement - with keyboard/mouse in particular, feels really awkward in this game.

How to improve that?
Well, I think it would feel much better if the game takes the input from the left&right (=horizontal) mouse movement while holding down the right mouse button.
In more technical terms:
Holding down right mouse button saves the current mouse coordinates. Then, as long as you hold down the right mouse button, it will continually calculate the (horizontal) distance between the saved coordinates and the actual mouse coordinates - that way you get a scalar (negative or positive -> left/right).
-> The larger the scalar, the greater the left-right movement of the vehicle - basically you're emulating the input of the analog stick from a controller.
That way, you can normally drive left&right with A & D keys and, if you need more precision, you just hold down right mouse button and move the mouse left/right (meaning the left/right input from the mouse will override or be added to the A & D input).

Thats it. I hope CD Project Red will work a bit on improving KB/M controls soon . ;)

PS: Aside from a few KB/M control issues (some others are weired/uncomfortable key bindings), I'm having a blast in this game - thx CDPR Red. ;D
PPS: Damn, i missed the Suggestion Forum. :(
PPPS: Oh, well... I cannot post in there - I don't have 10 posts yet. :D lul
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