Tactics through emergent elements of 2.0+

One of my new fun things to do in the game is con NCPD to kill gangoons for me. Being able to bring police into an area to kill off Valentinos and Tiger Claws by "wounding" Night City Citizens is HILARIOUS. A street with like 4 police cars fighting the "ops" and all you did was shoot a citizen walking by the gangers. Duck out of sight and watch the mayhem.

The boss battles against enemies that have optical camo and Kereznikov is what I'd imagine multiplayer would have been like. Particularly the serial killer battle in Dog Town.

There are other weird things that happen in the game that weren't possible before 2.0 that really liven up, not only the battles but the world. A.I. flanking has been the most outrageously entertaining difference in how the A.I. works. I've gotten killed quite a few times expecting the A.I. to act like it used to. I've seen a couple of things that look like intelligent behavior. For instance, hiding around a corner with multiple enemies actually pursuing you tends to make them send one agent at a time to attack. It's realistic, but it makes picking them off pretty easy. If they updated it to send 2 at a time, it would make it more of a challenge. I've seen that happen too, but it's rarer than the single agent approaching while the bunch stays back and functions as overwatch/cover.

Honestly, doing things like this to deepen the emergent properties of the game is what's going to keep it indomitable. I'd really like to see more depth in the A.I. and the new ways one can make the A.I. interact with itself. The funniest thing yet was getting a 6th Streeter to shoot their partner and they started fighting each other without using Cyberpsychosis.
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