The Witcher Screenshot Thread

The Witcher Screenshot Thread

The mods on Triss make her look so much younger but Geralt looks so old with those eyes lol

My Geralt looks adorable - How dare you - And seeing as he is around a century old he isn't looking bad at all.
The Witcher Screenshot Thread

Due to a superabundance of screenshots overwhelming the posted artwork in the fan-art threads, separate threads dedicated to screenshots are hereby started. Posts consing merely of screenshots may be transferred to these threads. Fan-art threads are reserved for artwork (give credit if it is not your own) and commentary on posted artwork.
Ciri, Radovid and Letho ones are mainly made up of fan art and edits (memes in Radovid's case) so I don't think it's really necessary for those ones
Skellige by Turin, on Flickr

I keep finding so much beauty in the witcher world!
Nice pic!
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'scuse me, while I necro this thread

I went hunting for the red cardinal weathervane in Novigrad:

Original footage to compare (I think they rearranged Novigrad's layout & architecture quite a bit between the E3 footage and release, I noticed some changes while looking):

Great work!
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