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Thoughts on my Francesca deck.

Hiya fellow Gwent enthusiasts!

As my first ever post on these forums I would like to ask you guys what you think about my Francesca deck. I basically picked up Scoia day 1 when I first started playing the game few months ago and fell in love with the Elven Queen and her pointy-ear guerillas.

I almost got to rank 20 or 21 in Season of the Bear with this deck, then played a bit Season of the Elf and took a break because I couldn`t stand to see another Skellige Longsword deck. Now I`m back and I`ve decided before I start to try and get some opinions on my deck and make adjustments if needed before I start again.
All feedback is much appreciated!

So this is it:
Golds :
Isengrim Faoiltiarna
Geralt: Igni
Ciri: Nova

Silvers :
Ciaran Aep Easnillen
Ida Emean
Milaen (was Yaevinn until today but got her premium in a keg so...xD)
Marching Orders

Bronze :
Vrihedd Sappers x2
Vrihedd Neophyte x2
Elven Scout x2
Vrihedd Vanguard x2
Half-Elf Hunter x2
Vrihedd Dragoon x2
Vrihedd Officer x2
Hawker Smuggler x2

I would like to reach rank 20 or 21 for now with Francesca so any help and any suggestions will be most valuable to me.
Thanks and cheers!
Getting to rank 20 is pretty easy, rank 21 is tough. I don't see much thinning going on? And it seems like this deck list will suffer from big damages like viper witches, scorch, mandrake, coral, geralt: igni and the likes of letho:regis combo, miruna. Just imo
I have the feeling you might need Yaevinn - against some decks you might need him to get value from Igni. Also having two reconnaissance (instead of two of the bronze units) could help with deck thinning.
I would swap Vrihedd Dragoons, Hawker Smugglers and Vrihedd Neophytes with Elven Mercenaries, Wardancers and Reconnaisance or, instead of Wardancers, some special move, like Alzur's Thunder for a bit of control.

You might also need Yaevinn. Additionally, Marching orders will make sense for a quick access to an elven merc :)

You can also try Ele'yas though most people agree it's not such a great choice

Saskia is a pretty good choice as well, in swap decks
Maybe swap yaevin for ciaran. Locks can be useful, but in general there is more value in straight removal. I agree with everyone else about thinning, definitely need two elven mercs and two recons. Wardancers help with thinning though can occasionally brick. Another option is panther to help with more removal. Good luck!!
@dragoonzen : Yeah out of all these I only ever struggle against the Letho-Regis combo. What a pain!
@devivre : I can see how Yaevinn would make for a good Igni setup. I will put him back in since I did find him quite useful for getting ahead for turns.
@ser2440 : I will try with Elven Mercs and Recons as @devivre too pointed out. Sounds good! I`m not a fan of Ele`yas too though xD. Will leave him out for now.
@jgolden234 : I actually kind of only keep Ciaran for that damn Imlerith card >_<. Ever since someone one-shotted my entire deck long ago I have PTSD and can`t get myself to remove him from my deck.

EDIT: Since I wrote the post I swapped the Sappers for Archers and it`s been going pretty well. I might change the Dragoons though, they don`t see too much use unfortunately and the Smugglers tend to get destroyed on sight, so yeah..
Yeah, everyone is teching against nekkers and greatswords, so no engine will last long on the board. And I can understand your PTSD with Sabbath! (I wonder if Sabbath players enjoy annoying others? Another thought for another thread!) Unfortunately the lock takes care of only one round with him. Mandrake banishes him so they can't renew him. And if you want a better chance of getting mandrake I recommend isengrim outlaw as he can pull any special from your deck. With Francesca you can always have him ready to go if you face monsters. Just my two cents!

I love Francesca, though have recently found eithne to be a little stronger since I can replay something like mandrake or scorch.