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Thronebreaker bugs on XBOX

I realise its launch day but I'm seeing lots of small problems with TB on XBOX X - random stutters and pauses on map and card battles, a couple of cards seemed to fail to trigger abilities (restarted match and they triggered fine) and the big one, that requires rebooting the game, is the cursor goes missing in the camp screen so you cant select anything. Anyone else seeing this?
`small' problems? Very funny.
Any member of CD PROJEKT RED can say nothing about Bugsta studio any more.
I suggest you to stop playing until these many critical issues are completely solved.

The most thing I hate is frequent sudden interruptions of my concentration on the story.
If I want to play card battle only, just launch GWENT.
And important thing is that I was really waiting to enjoy playing both GWENT and WT so long.
The real is, you know, very disappointed.
Archespore puzzle (Abandoned Outpost) early on in Angren. There is no fire on the top row which looks to make this puzzle impossible. Spent ages trying to beat this puzzle and finally resorted to YouTube where the vid shows the first row on fire to deal 2 damage to escaping Archespores! Will this be patched?

[btw] @devivre that link to log a ticket with support..? Just seems to go to an Xbox Gwent FAQ with no form to log a ticket with support (looking at it on iPad tho so that may be why..?)

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I have lost at least FOUR games so far today (launch day) without playing a single card. The game freezes tells me my connection is lost which is just not true. I am in party chat with someone and never lose connection at all.