To Upgrade or just Level up?

Hello All. Just reached level 20, and I had been upgrading my cyberware and iconics, but realised as I levelled up the world drops would be at the higher tier. Been driving around completing all the NCPD Points of interest.

The dilemma I realised, is there really a point to upgrade cyberware (I guess until your 50 maybe?) as when you level up, the world drops will be higher tier anyway.
Just me, but I prefer buy cyberwares and upgrade them (for now).
- Because I don't want to depend of loot and install those I really want.
- Then I upgrade them, because I have a bunch of components (more than enough) and I have Tech perk which let me choose between two bonuses set (so I pick up the one I prefer).

So yes, for me, upgrading seem better (but it's just me^^).
Depending on how much you rely on them :LOL: If you find yourself ok, then don`t upgrade...
Maybe you get a unique that you wanna commit to or you are a netrunner? you might find useful use all your components just for upgrading that unique or cyberdeck as much as possible (you can get to T5 like that in one item easily clearing Watson before the heist by around lv 15) and then just either wait for the loot or the shops to give you upgrades for the rest. Or maybe something more splitted Idk, it`s your choice, your strategy, your roleplay.
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