Tier 5++ Cyberware Upgrade still bugged with Update 2.1

My hopes were high on this one, but yea.

Still can't upgrade my cyberware to Tier 5++ and it sucks.
The game tells me, I can upgrade my Tier 5+ cyberware to Tier 5++, but if I do so my components will be used but my cyberware stays on Tier 5+.
It's not a visual bug as none of the stats are raised as they shoud've.

Tried to buy new cyberware, that hasn't been upgraded and upgrade it ro 5++-> same bug.

Ticket has been created already.
Can confirm, same thing with weapons. BTW this only happens for me on Xbox SX, whenever I play on PC my gear is shown properly at Tier 5++. Every time I go back on Xbox though it reverts back to Tier 5+
Confirm this too. I made a ticket and waiting for an answer. All cyberware/weapons stays on tier 5+ after the last upgrade is done. Annoying as hell..
Same here. If I upgrade my cyberware or weapons from tier 5+ to 5++, it says it's still 5+. Some cyberwares have 5++ stats, some not. For the weapons, no stats upgrade after tier 5+. I've littealy waited 3 years to play this game in the best way possible, and this is the second time I need to stop playing, in hope for a fix. I'm a little disappointed.
Does anyone play on nvidia geforce now? I have the same problem when I use it but when I play on my hardware I can upgrade to 5++.
having the same issue in the XBOX series X. I Have upgraded the version of the game including the DLC. and V is now at LV60
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