Triggering MaxTax End Game?

I’m at the end game with only non violent quests to take care of (A Like Supreme, Claire’s Ride, Sinnerman, a few others). My Cold Blood skill is still just in the 80’s so I want to trigger MaxTac and bump it way up. The problem is I’ve only found one place with a pair of cops where it seems I can actually trigger the escalation of stars. I can absolutely slaughter citizens elsewhere and they just run scared while I pick up a single star that vanishes quicker than it appeared. Is this normal? Are there going to be other places as the game goes I can routinely trigger MaxTac or are there a limited number of opportunities?
You mean that you don't manage to find cops or even by attacking cops it doesn't rise the stars ?
(cops are pretty easy to find in theory. For example there is always a NCPD netrunner next to Viktor's clinic or some near to the Medical Center)
It’s weird, there was one part of town (Japan Town?) where I could just slaughter the crowds no issue but it doesn’t seem to be true elsewhere. Managed to get into a huge MaxTax fight elsewhere in Corporate Plaza (has MaxTac increased in difficulty or numbers since after 1.31? I took a hiatus between then and 1.61)
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