Vehicle Third Person Camera Auto Incline not working as of 2.0



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As of the 2.0 patch, there is a new feature in the options menu that lets you adjust the camera auto centering time delay. This is a great addition. However, the patch seems to have broken the vertical auto alignment that follows the angle of terrain while driving up and down inclined roads/hills, a feature that was present before the patch was released, and is also present in almost all modern racing games as well as GTA 5. Having to play without this great quality of life feature is a very noticeable nuisance and requires the constant realignment of the camera while driving through the game world.

This issue is also present on PS5 from what I've heard, so it is not exclusive to PC. I suspect this camera feature was either removed intentionally or accidentally broken when CDPR was developing the new vehicle combat system. In addition, I feel like the camera centers more slowly now than before, making it more difficult to see into the corners you are turning in to without manually adjusting the view. Hopefully this is not an intentional design decision because there are probably many players like myself who prefer the pre-patch camera behavior. Hope it gets fixed!
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