V's Innate Abilities As Of 2.0

One thing I really like about 2.0 is how some of the pre-2.0 utility perks are now V's fully available innate abilities, so thought I'd list them all here for both nostalgia sake and especially since some of them are not really mentioned by the game so a lot of players are unaware of the stealth related ones;

  • Hidden Dragon - Allows you to perform non-lethal aerial takedowns on unaware targets by jumping on them.
  • Clean Work - Allows you to immediately pick up an enemy's body after performing a takedown on them by holding the button for dropping bodies.
  • Transporter - Allows you to shoot with Pistols and Revolvers while carrying a body.
  • Dagger Dealer - Allows you to throw knives and tantos etc...
  • Up To 11 -Tech weapons can now fully charge to 100% charge.
  • Grenadier - Displays the blast radius of grenades on your optical scanner.
  • Biosynergy - Allows RAM to recover during combat.
And to pay respects to one perk I really hoped would become innate, but sadly seems to be scrapped entirely;
  • Stunning Blows - Quick melee attacks performed with a ranged weapon stagger the enemy, giving an opportunity to grapple them from behind.
Grabbing enemies from behind is now always possible during combat btw. From experience the enemy doesn't even have to be staggered, if you get behind them the Grab prompt shows up.
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