We need detectives!

Ever noticed how after V has evaded maxtac, and then kills a cop his stars don't go back to 5? We need detectives!

So, how would this work? When V evades maxtac, he gets a wanted status. That means if he gets even one star, his stars go directly to 5. V must hide from cops unless he wants yet another max tac fight. In addition, the wanted status is a countdown. If wanted goes from 60 minutes to 0, max tac gets alerted.

But theres a way to clear wanted status. The police HQ has a computer in it. Sneak in, and you can delete the evidence! But after that, you need to get all the investigators on your tail! These would be ncpd spawns with investigators and netwatch agents. If you clear wanted, you must then kill all investigators or they will make the wanted status come back 30 minutes later.
A simmilar situation can be found in the post-apocalypse movie, THX1138. At one point the police give up a pursuit of the protagonist because the budget for the incident had been reached.

As NCPD is a corporate contrator, it seems likely something like this would be part of their contract with the city.

In any event I don't see a problem that needs fixing in the game design. If you'd like to write some fan-fiction I don't think anyone would mind.
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