Well well good phone always in phone bug

Well well playing cyberpunk for fun on my oled tv. I realize I can't skip days or interact with most things didn't relize cuz Im playing for fun.

Yesterday I relize Rachel casich is trying to phone me for my reward but says im already in a call so rings then hangs up.

Before she phones me when I load up a save file I can skip days and interact with everything but can't use my phone but when she phones me a few minutes in playing it won't let me pick up and then I can't interact with most things and skip days. What the hell cd red?

I have completed delamain cab mission I thought it would fix it but when I completed it it let me interact with things but phone was disabled then Rachel tryed to phone me again and back to square 1 :(
I have tryed to text every1 back
I've completed all the side missions with no interaction it doesn't work :(
All my auto saves r level 36 so can't go back
Is there a fix?
I tryed to clear cache no work and I have emailed support and they said they hopefully will fix it I've had this bug since November
I have installed the new update 1.63 and very doubtful.

Opened the game phone disabled still but can interact now and the they won't go when i go mission has been reset and the Damien cabs has been reset.

All happy I think that would fixed it I complete the missions then get a call from Rachel and everything is bugged again.
So I either don't complete the rachel mission and can interact with people and do some missions or restart. But I can't use my phone!
Dis bs game I play beat the brat after I restarted and he's frozen and won't give me reward I must of beat his arse so bad and I still see game bugs!
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Rachel phoned me and all works ok now.I remember playing sinner man mission when u 1st meet rachel and the prisoner then and thats when the phone bugged out when there eating. Should of re load but didn't know it was game breaking Maybe it wasn't. But I played 20 hrs with the phone bug oops. Game great


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