Where to find (summer) cycle cosmetics?



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So, now the Summer Cycle has ended and the Autumn Cycle has started (although with many bugs and issues).

I was curious to see all the cosmetics, or more specifically, all the avatars available in the summer cycle. I am asking because i did "finish" the cycle, as in, i reached Lv 250 to get the shiny cardback...
But i noticed while viewing streamers some of them were much higher cycle levels, and the track continues on and on, and apparently it included more avatars after lv. 250. Does anyone know until what level it goes? Regarding cosmetics, i dont care if it goes infinite but only giving resources after a certain point - I just want to know that point.

Usually, i use the website i linked above, which i highly recommend to investigate info on Gwent cosmetics - it does and informs on what CDPR and the Gwent team should have done. But for these cycle cosmetics, unfortunately they dont seem to be covered, hence why i came here to ask for another source.

Thank you
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