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white card bug after patch



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it no longer is white after i increased the resolution, so the problem is with low resolution, but my computer cant handle better graphics...

edit: it didnt solve it totally, theres still few white cards
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Crashes and visual glitches

I suddenly started to experience multiple issues with the game. It "crashes" every time at launch, but if I ignore the crash message, the game just goes on. There are, however, several visual glitches. The deck-builder is bugged as most cards are just black. At the start of each match, the upper side of the leaders screen is pink with enemy leader barely visible. I have re-installed the game multiple times, but it doesn't help.
Crash reports:

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Hello, i have a problem where all of my cards become white. What i mean is that the pictures become white and the borders stay the same. I dont know what to do, help.