Who would you prefer "engram" was captured off of, Instead of silverhand?


Jackie > Silverhand.
Haha! I did like Jackie more than Johnny. I enjoyed the friendship between Jackie and V more than Silverhand's relationship.

Though me favoring Jackie more stems from personal preference. I don't care for Johnny's revenge obsession. I get it. Saburo forced his girlfriend to make the soul killer or whatever, and is part of the reason she's dead. What with her conciousness being transferred to the net and stuff. I'm probably butchering the cyberpunk lore... I digress...

My point is... f*** Arasaka and f*** Johnny's bloodthirsty psychopathic need for revenge. He's a neat character, but I'm just tryin' to do gigs and simple merc work do I can fund my many obsessions like cyberware, cool cars, sweet clothes, and enough xxl burritos to last me a lifetime. I don't care what Arasaka is doing! As long as I can carry out my hobbies without interruptions. I don't care what corrupt crimes Arasaka is doing.

I digress once more. The whole purpose of this post is, I also like Jackie more than Johnny. I also find Jackie to be kinda funny at times. His jokes are kinda cringe, but I could see myself getting along with him pretty well actually.
Dexter Deshawn and then choose the suicide option on the rooftop. REVENGE IS MINE! :LOL:

-Nah seriously, I wouldn't mind Rogue in that case, she's been through much of the same and is from that same era. Would be cool to know her thoughts. Also, fuck her for not giving me jobs, then I'll drag her ass (mine really) into the job myself.
-If not Rogue I also think Spider could be funny, she seems mellow enough, while also crazy enough to go along with Johnnys dumb plans.
-Third option I would think is interesting is Dum Dum, for pretty much obvious reasons. That guy appears to me as someone who'd approve of everything as long as he is allowed to shoot stuff and hiss drugs with the inhaler.
Neil Gaiman, Alan Rickman or David Bowie would certainly be interesting!
As a character from the game I'd probably go with Rogue, Kerry or Nancy.
Johnny's pretty much the perfect NPC for this. He's not annoying. Another good one would have been Takemura. He's also not annoying. Judy also would be ok. Since I have to be gradually replaced by a microchip, then I don't mind at all that it's Johnny. His character is one I enjoy a lot.

i would not have liked it if it were a character I find a bit annoying like Panam, River, or Claire (who my user name is not named after).

Jerry Seinfeld. Throughout the game, he constantly remarks on your actions and surroundings with observational comedy.

Then, at the end of the game,
the only option is suicide, and that's treated by the game as a good ending while the Seinfeld theme plays.
araska, that would actually be interesting
Yep, interesting proposition :)
Arasaka... Like with Saburo, Yorinobu and Hanako on the same biochip ? Or one of them ?
(interesting to know... "Araska" seems to me pretty vague)

But if I had to give a name, it would be unequivocal Gerald Winkler (Garry the prophet). That's could be an amazing playthrough with him in my head.
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I think Johnny was a great choice.
Otherwise I could imagine Micheal Jackson but then the setting would have to be a little different.
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Any Woody Allen's character. Would probably find a way to zero myself sooner.
Or Brendan, the SCSM.
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