Why can't I use my mouse to steer?

In a game of such scope and depth, why cant vehicles be steerable with a mouse - like every other racing game on PC ever made?

Not gonna lie, the vehicle control scheme is game breaking considering how much driving you do. Come on, bring this game into the 2000's.

Great 2.0 patch, big oversight.
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Sure you can - you have it so that when you hold the right mouse button down (or any other key), you mouse steer. When you don't, it reverts to the current scheme.

...like every MMO made since 1999.

All of these problems have been solved in many previous games. It's perplexing that such a limited control scheme has been enforced in this one.

Failing that (and there's no real reason not to do that) at least include an option to mouse steer, for players that care more about vehicle control than shooting while driving. The driving in an otherwise stellar game is pretty miserable on PC.
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This game's driving controls are absolutely s*****! I am a quadriplegic who has been gaming for almost 40 years and gaming as a quadriplegic for the last 30 years. I've used a mouse and keyboard all my life on PC, and I never used a console unless it was back in the '90s. I'll admit I've never really been able to play driving games unless you could steer with your mouse, as in a trackball, which I use. GTA games are unique because I can steer all vehicles with my trackball. It is so much more intuitive and natural feeling than a lame-ass controller. But CD project dropped the ball when they brought out cyberpunk and had the controls for steering. I have been asking them, pleading with them and begging them to make the steering Mouse accessible, but it seems like they don't give a s*** about their disabled community because my pleas have fallen on deaf ears after all their updates. So, unfortunately, this will be the last game I've ever bought from this company because they don't give a s***.
It's done for commonality with Xbox amd PS. Looking around must be analogue or it can't work. The other thumb is usually over up, down, left, right.
Remapping is easy, having PC be different would be a can of worms.

If you find this annoying try the Ghost Recon series that adds it with boats and aeroplanes too !
Well that's odd because I can completely do it in the GTA series like I noted above all I have to do is lock my looking and I can steer with my mouse no problems to the point where I can guarantee you I'm better than half of the drivers on that game although it's been a few years since I played
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