Why is Kerenzikov now only useable with guns and not melee?

They have now made this a passive ability which I think is fine but why is it now limited to only ranged weapons? I give credit where it's due for some of the changes in the update but admittedly quite a few changes are too skewed towards gunplay and not much else. It's as if someone on the team watched Edgerunners and decided everything needed to be guns blazing and forgot to implement sufficient support for stealth and melee. Maybe I'm missing something and there is some other upgrade to do this but so far I've yet to see one.

In addition to that I'm a bit disappointed they haven't added tooltips or any meaningful way to define some of the new mechanics since that is partly why a lot of ppl are finding it difficult to adapt to the changes. What exactly does "reduce enemy vision mean" and in what scenario is it effective? They at least had the good sense to define "mitigation" in the skill tree but forgot to do something similar for several others. This should all at the very least be in the character stat screen. The stats are there but no description of what they actually mean. A bit disappointing.
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