Will Patch 2.1 also see the regular Rostović Kolac being made availible?

For those who don't know. Hypercritical is a iconic variant of a weapon called the Rostović Kolac. This weapon already exists in the game files since patch 1.6 and is fully functional and there are no issue's. See wikipage here:

Unfortunately for some reason CDPR forgot to make this weapon available in the game world. You can't buy it, you can't craft it, and you can't obtain it from enemies. Which is a shame, now with the Hypercritical being changed to a explosive weapon (and not being able to take a scope, but it never took scopes to begin with) you don't have that light quickscope sniper weapon anymore, as the SOR is more like a DMR while the Archilles is a slow tech weapon.

And yeah sure you can use console commands to add it back in........ But I don't wanna cheat to make a build for obvious reasons. And I mean, why is it still not added. The weapons works perfectly fine, and has the same model as the Hypercritical. So there is no reason not to make it availible.

So I kindly ask CDPR fans, for my birthday besides giving me an awesome patch, to also bless us with the regular Rostović Kolac. Just add it to like 3 weapon vendors and I think that's already enough.

Thanks chooms.
This. Please CDPR before you fully cut off support for this game, please make the Kolac drop properly since it already exists or create a blueprint for it. It feels very jarring that Tiny Mike is the ONLY person in the whole game who happens to have a Kolac, doesnt feel lore accurate to the database entry either. Maybe a 2.13 patch since the work for this weapon is already done? Also, side note, please fix the behavioral faceplate 5+ and 5++ not displaying while in cars.
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