World, weapons and interaction in the game!)

I’ll write right away - the Cyberpunk game is 5 out of 5, a hundred out of a hundred, a million out of a million. Good game. Does it have bugs in it? There is. And I'm not talking about bugs, optimization problems, etc. Bugs will be fixed, etc.
Graphics for me has always been in any other place except the first one. The first place is the story and the possibilities that the game gives with the help of developers to the player. And here there are much more problems than any bugs. Bugs are different, some sometimes pop up, some are minor. About the bugs that interfere with the passage of the plot, we will skip. That is, it's not all about Cyberpunk, and there are no big problems here.
But the first place is the plot and the possibilities that the game gives with the help of developers to the player. And this applies to all games and is sometimes of great importance. After all, this is the game itself.
So, what is wrong with the game and is there such a problem?
Yes there is.
This is a lack of balance, realism and a sense of proportion when creating the game world, weapons, elements and using them by the character. With all due respect to CD Projekt Red and their games. You are best. Thank you for The Witcher and Cyberpunk, Gwent. Everything is great.
What are the advantages of playing Cyberpunk ____________
1) Peace.
It's just a chic city, Night City. It is very big. The design of the city is great. Beautiful buildings. All these floors of the city. Roads, subways, forks. Many shops, neon signs, lights, advertising, population density of the city. A bunch of NPCs are walking around. There is a river. There is a suburb. There are slums. There are factories. There is a wasteland. It's all top notch. And even if there are bugs, there were bugs. It's still the best job.
2) Lore games.
The history of Night City is interesting. There is a plot. Major and minor characters. There are interesting characters - fixers, netraners, heads of companies, individuals who influence the plot and the player, his choices and actions. Gangs, each interesting in its own way, have their own history and stand out in comparison with others. plays a part in the story. Has a hidden story and mystery in interaction with campaigns, with certain characters, and by the player himself.
3) Objects.
The game has - weapons, cars, shops. This is enough and you can interact. There are apartments. The ability to dress the character to your taste.
4) Freedom of the player.
Open world. Although some point to the plot of the game as the basis. It is possible to choose from the presented choice of plot.
5) Good graphics.

What are the disadvantages of the game Cyberpunk _______________
1) Peace.
The world is chic - the world is open. Some people like it or not. Even if someone thinks that Cyberpunk is a game about a story and therefore stop grumbling, those who have complaints about the implementation of this open world, then this person is mistaken. The developers have made the world open. From here, the corresponding expectations, desires, and hopes of the players automatically come out. After all, Cyberpunk is one of the open world games. There are games that also show the open world, its possibilities for the player. And so Cyberpunk players expect the same solutions as in other games and better. Namely. Lack of car tuning. Although easy leveling, colors, etc. The city of the future and at the same time the character, like the inhabitants of the city, travels only by car and subway. There are no buses or their equivalents. There is no air transport. No public transport - like taxis, tuk-tuk (also known as auto-rickshaw), cable car like in Germany, e.g. funiculars and cable cars like La Paz in Bolivia or Cali in Colombia, monorails, maglev tarsport or similar something. There is no way to take orders from gangs and have a special reputation because of this. It’s hard to say about the wasteland, there, in principle, it is of little interest. Make friends or your gang. Become a business owner.
2) Lore games.
There are no complaints, except for one, which is the most important. A powerful argument and fact against all who will be against what is written here. And at the same time, it is also the key to everything that has been said. I will write about this claim separately.
Well, I would like the characters to really differ in clothes and abilities, like in our favorite films from the 80-90s about Cyberpunk. For example - "Blade Runner", what a city, atmosphere, cool. Or "Escape from New York". Johnny Mnemonic. Why couldn't the members of Arasaki be made like the yakuza from Johnny Mnemonics, for example. Or make part of the city old, gothic like in the movie - "Blade Runner", "Ghost in the Shell". You can make some characters like in "Alita: Battle Angel", bad characters - Grewishka, Nyssiana, Screw-head. There are few bright characters, and those who are there flicker quickly, for example, Adam Smasher, Dexter DeShawn, etc. By the way, there is also the film "Tetsuo - Iron Man" (1989) )
3) Objects.
The clothes of the character are cool, a large selection. No complaints.
The cars are great too. But the camera does not follow the car well, because of this, accidents often occur, for almost all players, you need to control the camera all the time, turn it yourself, for a better view. If the turn is 90 degrees or almost like that, then the side of the car is visible when turning, but where the car is going, the camera lags behind, slowly turns. When driving in the first person, the same thing, the review is small and so in all cars. The cars themselves don't feel good when driving. It is difficult to understand what speed the car has, the transmission of sensations is weak, it seems that you are still driving weakly, but if you slow down, then the brake trail is several meters away. It seems that the car is floating or like on ice. Now weapons. There are many weapons, they are different. But when the player uses it against enemies, the feature of the weapon is lost. And there is the same feeling when shooting that with a pistol or a rifle, there is no enthusiasm. There are shotguns, and many of them are basically the same when shooting, as are pistols and some rifles. There are no exclusive qualities. For example, in the film, Johnny Mnemonic, a laser-string yakuza, could effectively affect flesh and thin, weak iron alloys. And this is a feature of the laser string. She slices through flesh in seconds. This weapon is rare and only a few in the movie have it. In the game, the player can almost immediately acquire it. At the same time, with this laser string, he can destroy both flesh (characters) and iron (robots, mechanisms). Moreover, only the main character has such a weapon. Somehow its value is lost with this option. On the contrary, it must be very rare, expensive. The player, in order to get it, must complete certain tasks. And for example, if a player plays as a koporat, then there is an opportunity to get a more interesting version of the laser string. And you can also cool off the film to a friend. Give this laser string only to certain, cool Arasaki characters, like in the movie Johnny Mnemonic. And not the main character, and even almost at the beginning of the game. And the same goes for all other weapons. For example, praying mantis blades also need to be found with difficulty by the main character, and not at the beginning of the game. And for example, if a player plays as a child of the streets, then in this case, he will receive them with a certain feature, unlike other backstories. The same applies to the hands of a gorilla, for example, for a nomad, they will be with a certain feature, unlike other backgrounds. And rockets from the hands in general will be a separate difficult quest or a series of quests. The same goes for katana. All katanas have different descriptions of features and appearance. At the same time, when the main character fights with katanas, in principle everything looks the same, because of this it is of little interest. All that's left is the appearance. The animation could be more interesting for the weapons. For example, praying mantis blades could allow the main character to climb walls. Gorilla arms, make dents, repel characters, easy transport. And here it would look good to hit with a hand like a sledgehammer from top to bottom, like Jax from one fighting game. A laser string would cut the characters well. Rocket from hands, would be well suited for heavy vehicles, groups of persons and robots. It is also a good option to use several pistols, shoot with both hands. A good option would be with orders where sniper rifles would prove themselves. Since playing as a nomad or corporate, I used everything except sniper weapons, sooo little. Why then is it? Since almost everything happens at a distance of a rifle and less. The scripts are also poorly implemented. There is no sense of their importance compared to other weapons. The main character can do anything - shoot, stealth, run scripts, hack. Lost interest in the gameplay and prehistory. Why then are they, if the GG can shoot effectively, drive, hack, etc. It should be like this - you play as a corporate, which means you are more disposed to hacking, more unique scripts will open, more missions for netraners associated with hacking. The player himself can become a cool netrunner, etc. Also, the laser string will open earlier and will be more unique in contrast to playing for a nomad or a child of the streets. And also about the nomad - more cars. Better driving, More racing missions. Possibility to have a special car for a nomad. Earlier, for example, the arms of a gorilla with a unique feature will open. Possibility of help from other nomads. And also for the backstory of the Street Child - praying mantis blades with a unique feature will open earlier. The ability to recruit a gang. Have access to rumors which, unlike playing as a nomad or a corporate, will give more unique information, like in the movie John Wick 3, Laurence John Fishburne was the one who knew the rumors that were in the city.
Let's skip it. In general, norms. Although freedom could be freer.
And now the argument and the fact about which I wrote above.
Everyone already knew the plot of the game. And to play it, I personally have little desire. It was possible to make a real version of events as in The Witcher 3. This Johnny broke the game for me to some extent. I wanted a choice and it was removed from the game. And knowing the plot. instead of making GG better, cooler, a legend. It turns out GG with this silver-armed. Why play what is already known. You can also make a choice - the best option, lore option, and whatnot. For example, transplanting Johnny into the owner of Arasaki, only to make it a surprise. Or on a motorcycle. Or like Delamain. Or some special non-traner network
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