Would You Rather See Multiplayer Or More DLC/Expansions?


Multiplayer? Or Extra DLC/Expansions

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They should definitely bring back the cut content and release single player dlcs first.

Multiplayer, well yeah okay, if you want to, do it, might be good to keep the mechanics interesting long term. But it shouldn't be the focus at all.
Considering the current state of the game, which might be enjoyable for some (including me) but is incomplete or imperfect in so many aspects, talking or even focusing on multiplayer doesn't make any sense to me. Personally I would prefer series of DLC/updates/expansions which will improve the overall experience of the single player game.

Look at Starcraft 2 - it has somewhat poorly written story, but in the end the meat and potatoes of the game are its multiplayer parts. From what I know about CDPR, having strong single player, story focused games are CDPR "thing". At the current time the multiplayer portion sounds a lot like the multiplayer of Mass Effect 3 - somewhat playable yet forgettable experience. I would have preferred to have better single player experience than that bloody thing (which was made to milk the cow of micro-transactions in ME3 case) .

I might be a bit biased but in the end what's the purpose of the multiplayer experience? If it is supposed to be a free part of the game I doubt that the majority of the current player base would be too interested in it. While I admire CDPR capabilities to craft compelling games I doubt they have the required experience to craft a multiplayer game which could overshadow other similar games in the genre (Overwatch, CoD, Doom, CS etc) and create stable an lasting competitive scene. If it is a payed/free standalone game - then I think it should fall outside of the scope of CP2077.

Bam.. There's my first post xD
I'd have to care a lot more about multiplayer just to care a little.
More SP story, more motorcycles, more outfits & more cyberware options are all I'm interested in.
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i don't want another Fallout2077

Too right, amigo!
FO76 would have been a decent entry in the series, had they not made it multiplayer.
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DLC expansions. The company needs to stay committed to what they promised. If they try and jump straight into the multiplayer; they risk bumping heads with GTA. That all depends on when the next GTA title is releasing. CDPR as more depth for story expansions. To just neglect it, at such an early stage would be very risky. There is so much to Night City, that hasn't been revealed. So many people that we haven't met. So many things, that we haven't done.
Lol, they cant even ger single player right yet. Id say hokd off on mp until the game at least resembles what was advertised.
They should focus on fixing all the bugs/glitches first then release the DLCs. Multiplayer can be done next year as an MMORPG, same Night City as such but addon to the game like World of Warcraft.
Extra single player content ofc, more missions, side quests, main story to be continued, more clothes, more customization options, third person camera at least when walking around city, doesn't need to be in combat.

It's an amazing game but it really lacks female clothing options.
I'd play a multiplayer as long as it serves a purpose. But currently i do not see a point in a multiplayer mode. I rather see singleplayer mode's potential being fully achieved.
No, I don't want to deal with some [...] kid online, I want to play alone and role play..
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I want to play alone, and role play my V character, maybe even get a chance to change his name, just have a voice actor say every letter in the alphabet.. I want better role play ability
Who in their right mind would want MP, or DLC, for a game that isn't even finished yet?

But if I have to choose, DLC.
We've seen how it went down when they've tackled something new. We don't need another half assed feature jammed into the game.
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I want them to add basic immersive quality-of-life stuff. Like walking. Like actually drinking drinks you buy at a bar. Like adjusting radio volume. It can't be that hard. Make Night City feel the way it was meant to be. Currently it feels like a carbon-copy with all the details that are missing. These come first before ANY quest stuff.

Besides, without knowing what the multiplayer entails, I cannot say yay or nay. What kind of multiplayer? Does it even use the same engine? Does it happen in the same city? Is it co-operative or pvp? We know nothing of it. How could I say whether I want it?

Am I to assume they want rockstar-style open world multiplayer? Sounds cool - in theory. Without the small details missing from the current game, such multiplayer feels like million lightyears off if they can't even get the small stuff right.
Who in their right mind would want MP, or DLC, for a game that isn't even finished yet?

But if I have to choose, DLC.
We've seen how it went down when they've tackled something new. We don't need another half assed feature jammed into the game.

I, I would. Game was super fun to play, can't wait to play it together w/ my wife. She liked it very much too ^^
Am I to assume they want rockstar-style open world multiplayer? Sounds cool - in theory.

I Would think so. CDPR already confirmed it'll have microtransactions, so my bet is that they and their investors want a slice of that market that's worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Rockstar and to try and beat GTA6 to it. They've got no chance. :ROFLMAO:
What are you talking about. This game is perfect. Have no idea why they have a roadmap of updates. My playtrough on PC was flawless / perfect when I played it. I never had to save and reload the game. Just 5/5 performance.

Hope we get nice DLC focused only to Judy or Panam. We do not need to know any other kinda stories from Night City.
I said DLC, but some of it needs to be post ending. Be it a secret mission or goal during the ending sequence or something we have to set up beforehand, there should be a way to live through the ending and get to use the character we've built with no impediments or influences. V's goal this whole time was to be a NC legend, and the endings all finish with no drink named after my V. I never even have the chance to create one?

It would be nice to have my character do some runs because they want to, not because someone is paying them or because they will die if they don't. The game looks like a sandbox, but that is not what it is. We need some factions we can align with to open up new opportunities and close off others, a meaningful continuation of the relationships, and a lot of other stuff to give our V some actual life to live to make the conclusion to the game as satisfying as the playthrough. The ability to put together a team with the characters whose allegiance V had won through deed(or eddies, failing that) would add a lot of depth to the game, especially if we could pursue our own interests post Mikoshi.

I'd be a lot more interested in multiplayer if it were coop, five manning some crazy militech compound with black ice running through everything, walls you can't see through with epic ping, and some insane physical defenses. Running around NC killing each other for fun seems like it would get old much more quickly.
I would hapilly sacrifice the multiplayer option for more single player content.

My fear is that if the multiplayer option is added, CDPR will do the same thing as Rockstar, that is forgeting about a sequel and focusing only on milking cash on multiplayer dlcs.
singleplayer, PLEASE

The game is marvelous and all main story plot missions are gorgeous. Thank you very much for investing in the game!
However to make it better some side missions, AI etc could be improved and definitely I vote to bring the game into a higher level of brilliance with focusing on polishing the singleplayer.
If multiplayer was done in a way where I wouldn't have to worry about Modder, cheaters, and kids with bought scripts. I wouldn't mind playing. It would have to be like a Co-op experience with heist and stories you do with friends. If it has to do PVP, do it in an instanced area away from the main world. Arenas, death match that type of stuff can be done in an instanced area all on it's own.

The fact is PVP just destroys PVE because of all the balancing that has to be done. CDPR should stick with what they are good at and do story, story, and more story. With balancing for PVP, PVE just gets nerfed and trust me it is hard to keep both groups happy. Besides the market is running over with PVP games. We don't need another GTO, RDO, or even a Fortnite and so many others.

CDPR should do..

1. Fix the single player bugs and performance.
2. Add all the missing features.
3. Add DLCs free and paid.
4. 1st expansion.
5. more DLCs free and paid.
6. 2nd Expansion. and so on.
30. MP
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