Zen Master and Tarot Cards hint for the best ending for V?

After having just finishing the game for the... ???th time, I just realized something regarding the endings and Misty's Tarot cards. It also involves the Zen Master. If you draw a line connecting all the places you meet him and follow that line, you get a path leading out of NC. Combine that with the Strength card being near where you meet Panam, and the Star being where you leave with the Aldecados, I think both the cards and the Zen Master hint that going with them is the best ending for V.
Oooh, that's interesting.

I definitely think it's easy to take the Zen Master and tarot cards for granted, but indeed, the fact of the matter is, they're there. Clearly there's something going on.

Personally I think the Zen Master and tarot might represent a benevolent guiding hand. Who or what that is, who knows? Rogue AI perhaps? Rache Bartmoss maybe? Yet the opposite is also possible and it might all be part of something insidious.

In any case, if the tarot is to be taken seriously then I'd say Star and Sun are the paths they're trying to steer you towards. Plus the King of Cups card is basically suggesting that if you help Songbird, it could pay off for V further down the line.
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