Man. It is like the F.I.A. literally treats V as a terrorist criminal and the nurse is clearly So Mi . Bad Show CD Projekt Red ! Pus, you are permanently locked out of everything if you choose to get the surgery and it is supposed to go back to Night City like nocturn opus does. plus, there is no way to accept Reed's offer. man V got thrown under the bus and also shafted badly and literally got the short end of the stick where everybody hates him and moves on and Pan Am hates him and Mitch tells him not to call ever again and is not considered family anymore. what a horrible ending! I GOT THE MILITECH AND ZETATECH ENDING WHICH IS LIKE THE COMUNIST EQUIVALENT OF IT because Netwatch censors the hell out of the NC News and wall is built around the clinic turning it effectively into a favella slum. Uh no offense intended to ANYBODY. It seriously reminds me of Homeland 2 and the bunker reminds me of The Evil Within 1 and 2 and Resident Evil Combined. But I absolutely loved the Albert R. Broccoli-esue Easter Egg CD Projekt Red did for the ending Credits! Smashing take on the 007 and James Bond theme!! Bravo Well Done! And now, let's crack on some more. In my opinion V should have been treated as a hero and not some flaming bag of bronto dung!
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The right ending is to throw So Mi off the train, take the cure away from her, and return to Hanako with the vaccine? ))
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