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Cyberpunk character illustration requests

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  • Cyberpunk character illustration requests

    Often on game related forums there are threads where people can leave their requests for artwork, for stuff like avatars, signatures, and the like. Being that Cyberpunk is an RPG, I was thinking there might be people here (such as myself) who would love to see their old beloved Cyberpunk character come to life, and since my experience is that great artists surprisingly often seek inspiration for work from threads such as this, I thought I'd create one. I wanted to make a personal request, to see if I could find someone to illustrate my character, but then I thought other people should be able to do that too, and it would make sense to compile the requests into one thread.

    So, this thread is for character illustration requests. They aren't avatars nor signatures, although avatars and signatures can also surely be made. However, if someone wants, they can make a thread for those things specifically, as avatars and signatures are much easier and faster to make. The artists here are free to decide whether they want to create an illustration from a request, and the usual copyrights apply. If you make a request and don't get a reply to it, please don't bump the thread by re-requesting the same thing. Also, any artists who do read this thread, don't feel like you have to do anything, but instead take this as a source of inspiration, if you're lacking such, and have spare time on your hands.

    When making a request, be as specific as you possibly can, so as to give as much for the artists to go on, but also bear in mind that they have complete artistic freedom, and they decide the outcome. Right now, as the forums are new and quiet, it will be rare if there are any requests that actually are made into finished illustrations, but since we're something like over three years away from the launch of the game, after which we'll still be playing the game, I foresee more activity for these forums.

    And lastly, these are all illustrations made for fun, and for no profit. Please do not offer payment, nor ask for one.

    (If any of the above is against any forum rules, please feel free to lock and/or delete the thread.)
    The poster formerly known as C. MacLeod

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    So, here's my request as an example. Again, I would like to emphasize that the artists here should not feel any kind of pressure to make anything. This thread is only here to offer some inspiration in case something clicks.
    • His name is Connor "Nova" MacLeod (yes...I know sigh).
    • He is a Eurosolo.
    • Height 7 feet tall, weight unknown.
    • Wears expensive, intact, clean and sleek black suits with matching shoes, no socks.
    • Doesn't wear a watch.
    • Wears an armored, somewhat worn and battle-tested trench coat, dark grey.
    • Physical body is very muscular, 10 BT before cyber.
    • Orbital crystal cybernetic arms starting from shoulders.
    • Orbital crystal cybernetic legs starting from the waist.
    • ATT sculpted to max, face is that of a 30-40 year old handsome muscular man.
    • Clean shaven.
    • Hair long, white and straight (but not too straight).
    • Eyes are the VerbalEyes Windows of the Soul with all kinds of psychotic video on them, sometimes completely white or black.
    • As for the cybernetics, everything is top of the line European, sleek and barely noticeable, except of course for the orbital crystal limbs. Visible cybernetics in the head, nothing protrusive, nothing that's not cool and sleek.
    • Uses a heavily customized and tweaked matte black Mustang Arms Mark II.
    • Sometimes has a katana strapped to his back.
    • Tends to spend his time standing - perhaps leaning on something - in a dark corner of his friend's bar, drinking a thick black liquid from a pint to calm his nerves.
    • In a firefight, usually acts first due to his (over) maxed initiative.

    This is the character I started Cyberpunk with almost two decades ago. We played for years and years, very actively. In the beginning, the character had no cyberware, no bioware, and only his pistol and a lot of pharmaceuticals. Since then though, he's come a long way, and now he's boasting the best cyberware the game has the offer, and is more of a cyborg basically than a full body replacement (which he isn't, though).

    It might not be a strictly by the rulebook kind of a character. We never meant them to be though, since Eurosolos are kind of an NPC class. Still, the #1 rule is that the GM is always right, and here we are. We had a ton of fun though.

    So, there's an example of a request. If someone wants to run with it, go ahead, and if there are any questions, feel free to ask.
    The poster formerly known as C. MacLeod


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      Heh. Heck, why not. Giving artists ideas for their stunning skills can't possibly hurt, right?

      So, I used to run a CP2020 campaign for my regular gaming group some years ago (been playing with these guys since we were teenagers, and we're now all in our late thirties/early forties). Now as I was the GM I didn't have a character as such, but there was one recurring NPC my players always say they remember from the campaign. "Slick" Mick Mahoney, their primary fixer and source of jobs. A guy whose annoying personality I based very much on Joe Pesci's Leo Getz from the Lethal Weapon movies.
      • Name: Michael Mahoney, AKA Slick Mick or just "You fraggin' little weasel!" depending on circumstances.
      • Role: Fixer. If it exists, Slick'll get it for ya. For a price.
      • Height: 5'6"
      • Weight: 260 lbs
      • Age: 40
      • Hair: Blonde on head, red-blonde facial hair.
      • Eyes: Blue (cybernetic replacements)
      • Physical Appearance: Short and overweight. Close-cropped blonde hair with advanced male-pattern balding (bald spot on top, advanced receding hairline). Well-groomed red-blonde beard (in Mick's words "I'm not shaving away what little real hair I got left above my shoulders, and I don't trust that synthair crap. Probably gives ya cancer or something). Looks a bit younger than he actually is. Surprisingly charming and disarming smile.
      • Cyberware: Cybereyes (2) wired for recording, low-light, IR and Times Square Marquee. They look like real eyes except the blue color is too bright and vivid for natural blue eyes.
        Right arm. Old with an almost industrial look to it. Fully functional, but not very fancy looking. Mick refuses to get it replaced with a newer model because he can fix it himself if it develops a glitch.
        Jack in the right temple for downloading the recordings made by his cybereyes from memory.
      • Clothing: Short-sleeved shirts with clashing bright colors, Cheap, off-the-rack suits.
      • Armament: Monowire spool in cyberhand. Pinkyfinger detaches and works as a weight or handle at the end of the wire. Rarely ever wears any obvious weaponry as the more harmless he looks, the more at ease his clients tend to be.
      • Vehicles: Drives an old Peterbilt 2000 truck which doubles as transportation, home and office. Easier and cheaper than renting space in some building acording to Mick.
      • Personality/Quirks: Extremely enthusiastic, particularly if he wants to sell you something. Full of energy and talks as much with his hands as with his mouth, gesticulating almost all the time when he's talking. Annoying in large doses, but surprisingly charming and amusing when he wants to be thanks to his projected personality of an affable, friendly, harmless fella who takes offense at almost nothing, even if he'd probably try to sell you your own car if you're not careful. In truth is fairly ruthless unless he actually likes you and would sell out most of his clients in a second if he thought it wouldn't ruin his business. Watch out for the day he retires, because his files on edgerunners and corps who have used his services over the years are likely to go to the highest bidder. Anonymously, naturally.

      So, that's Slick Mick. If anyone wants to take a shot at him then I'd love to see it. Always fun to see how other people's mental image of a character differs from your own.


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        Originally posted by SteinarB
        So, that's Slick Mick. If anyone wants to take a shot at him then I'd love to see it. Always fun to see how other people's mental image of a character differs from your own.
        Not to be confused with "The Mick" :P lol

        But your guy sounds pretty cool, gotta say!


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          Well I'd like to offer another character ... If you can portray it will be simply wonderful.

          *Name: Nikita Bolshakov, aka 'Spark'.
          *Role: Young specialists on cyber implanting and concurrently engineer.
          *Height: 2 meters in height.
          *Weight: About the weight it's hard to say. Reading further you will see why...
          *Age: 19.
          *Hair: Сolor is brightly-brown. He is always with a small bristle.
          *Eyes: Marsh color, cyber implant in (Yes Just right IN) his original left eye.
          *Physical Appearance: He is quite thin, but not weak. Exterior of a regular guy who was born in Russia... Girls still find something in this. Looks like a dumm with a multi-tool in the hand. Those who judge by appearances admit a terrible mistake. Hairstyle - short Mohawk (Right side of the head is bald.) The whole body is stuffed various implants and physical amplifiers (which only you can create yourself in the underground). Outwardly looks completely natural.
          *Cyberware: This is whole story. 1 Eye implant (In the pupil of the left eye) Has the properties of X-rays at the short distance + allows you to capture the slightest change in mood through contact eye to eye
          (which helping him in his business with maximum profit).
          Muscle enhancers and protective implants: Slightly increases the strength allowing him to carry heavy items (and not only) of up to 400 kilograms. No effect on muscle mass. Protective matrix implants, stuffed all over the body, greatly strengthens the skin adding to it (between the layers) armored layer. Because of this suffering skin color pigment, because of what he is very pale.
          Clothing: Spark prefers clothes in style close to that of the good old band Depeche mode
          (which is his favorite band.)
          -Working clothes: fireproof Costume + points with 80 fold zoom to work on new implants.
          -Daily costume: black leather jacket on a naked body. Over it normal flax black coat. Black pants and shoes.
          On jewelry - always wears a ring of high grade gold belonging to his father. And the cross on a thin gold chain. Does not give it much importance. He just likes it.
          Armament: Nikita's childhood was difficult. And he used to solve the problem two methods...
          Charm with girls and brute force with guys...
          He has the skills of combat-style Tae Kwon Do. Implants that increases strength gives him an advantage over an unarmed opponent.
          Due to his appearance it is often overlooked. In consequence of that battle ends in a few well-aimed blows.
          He does not own a firearm, but he is practices of using EMP weapons, Which allows him to bring electronics and implants out of action for some time. This is very helpful against opponents with cyber substitute parts. Even a properly configured multi-tools, weighing 8 kilograms (which Nikita carries right in his hands, just in case) was not forbidden to use as a bomb...
          Vehicles: He prefers to travel on his own two feet. He believes that only the person can maintain his body and his spirit in forme.
          And he believes that implants cant do this better. Interesting detail. He never uses public transport. Only God knows why.
          Personality / Quirks: Nikita pretty strong-willed person. All he has achieved (although this is not so much) - he achieves by himself. He is weak on the girls, prefer female company... Hardly find language to the other guys.Accordingly, among his friends almost no guys...
          He loves to play old PC games such as Baldurs Gate. Like any Russian, he is splendid friend, exactly as long as not to cross his path.
          No secret of his love of money and power. Hates clubs and noisy places. Deep in his heart a romantic. Not looking for a single girl for life, but not a womanizer. He is a man of motion. Very adaptive and resourceful. But quite easily breaks out over trifles. Prefer smart girls. Appearance for him is not important (as in all the rest of his life.), however one detail principle. A girl should be without cyber implants.
          If you can not surprise him - he is not interested in you. He has his own underground concern *Silver Chanse*. He constantly tries to helping the needy and protect the weak. But he is not altruistic! If you are disgusting to him and he will have chance to stick the knife you in the back - he will not hesitate. He does not drink or smoke. Of bad habits - flirting with unknown girls, what sometimes turns into a real Santa Barbara.
          He did not openly warring against the law. However - He is using all the possibilities... Whether bribes, fraud and murder to achieve his goals.
          Rarely works with someone. But like I said, he is quite adaptive. Spark is neither a hero or a villain. He just tries to live as he sees fit without going over the heads of others, but ahead of them.

          What do you think about him ppl? As a prototype, I used my appearance if it is important ...

          This is his portraits of an exemplary
          Attached Files


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            I'll start mine ( I wonder if you still do this)

            * Name: Gordon Bennet
            * Role: Fixer
            * Height: 170cm or 5 feet, 7 inches.
            * Weight 57 kg
            * Age: 27
            * Hair: Blonde
            *Appearance: Short and slim person with short/medium sized blond hair who is strangely handsome and good with women ( Inside and outside bed of course). He seems to be weak but he actually stronger, more enduring and faster than he looks, those three physical traits made him survive harsh Cyberpunk world.
            * Cyberware: Mr.Stud for women, skinwatch for "business", BigKnucks for enemies.
            * Clothes: Hooded sweater, Jeans, Best sport shoes for running from authority and sunglasses.
            * Armament: He have few weapons in disposal, SMGs with ammo for every combat situation , tactical grenades (HE grenades for groups of enemies), Two action revolver, throwing knives, and his fists.
            * Vehicles : It is known he have Gyrocopter and Motorcycle. sometimes he walks but mostly runs. From one night adventure, law and old enemies.
            * Personality: even most of times he seems being cold and ruthless, he is capable of simple morals such as: never put children in harm way, never sell drugs to pregnant women, but in other hand he have no problem put women in (on) prostitution or sell weapons. His arcological background made him better to stand on his own. He has been known for talk through most his problems and being proficient shoplifter and thief. He is sometimes called One man a-team for being good tactician, good shooter, decent pilot, and smooth talker.


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              Name: Monty Cantos (“Recoil”)
              Role: Solo
              Height: 5’ 10”
              Weight: 120 lbs.
              Age: 24
              Hair: Medium length, straight, black with neon orange tips.
              Appearance: Monty is of a fairly average build, with an appealing face, and features. He stands out like a sore thumb at night, with Tech Hair, Light Tattoos, a shining Chrome arm and a neon finish on his custom shotgun. He wears a long coat (down to his knees), with a proudly displayed armored vest underneath, as well as plain jeans, and fingerless gloves on his hands. His left arm and eye are Cybernetic, both of them being purposely left uncovered and dazzling with neon lights, mostly of blue and orange. He wears a few small pouches around his sides, with miscellaneous gear inside, and a large satchel slung over his shoulder, filled with shotgun shells.
              His pride and joy is a modified H&K CAWS 11 shotgun (Nick-named Abraxas), with custom grips, extended barrel, an extra-large magazine, and a blue/orange neon finish. He wears the gun slung across his back, as he has no way to properly conceal it.

              (Not very good, I know but, it would be much appreciated if someone took a stab at it!)


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                Now I'm cringing at what I wrote.


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                  * Name: Ofisa Moren
                  * Role: Solo (Rank 6)
                  * Height: 7"feet
                  * Weight 90 kg
                  * Age: 28
                  * Hair: White (Dyed)
                  * Eyes: Green
                  *Appearance: A black woman that appears to have undergone heavy beautification treatments, sporting creepily blemishless skin and d-cup breasts combined with a chiseled muscular figure standing between buff and athletic. Also, has a black lightning arc facial tatoo, giving an intimidating appearence.
                  * Cyberware: Subdermal Torso Armor (SP16), Processor, (Will add more here once I had sleep.)
                  * Clothes: Loose fitting street clothes or military fatigues, sometimes mixed and matched with body armor, most noteably Metal Gear helms of varying styles.
                  * Armament:
                  * Vehicles : Is skilled in driving from CorpMil days, but is currently too poor to own a ride personally.
                  * Personality: Cold, distant, "Borderline Cyberpsycho" some would describe her.


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                    Since it says Im not authorized to make the edit, here is the update in a seperate post.

                    * Name: Ofisa "Death Grips" Moren
                    * Role: Solo (Rank 6)
                    * Height: 7"feet
                    * Weight 90 kg
                    * Age: 28
                    * Hair: White (Dyed), short, straight and slicked back hair with shaved temples.
                    * Eyes: Green
                    *Appearance: (NSFW Reference Link.)
                    A black woman that appears to have undergone heavy beautification treatments, sporting creepily blemishless skin and d-cup breasts combined with a chiseled muscular figure somewhere between buff and athletic. Also, sports a black lightning arc facial tatoo, giving an intimidating appearence.
                    * Cyberware: Subdermal Torso Armor (SP16), Neuralware Processor, Cellphone Implant, left Standard Cyberarm (black shell-like design, built-in ChainRipp and Microwave/EMP Shielding, hand has Wire cutters and a Lighter built in), New Throat with Voice Scrambler, Armor and Realskin, Subdermal Skull Armor (SP8), Kerenzikov BoosterWare X2, DataTerm Link, Smartgun Link, Pain Editor, Neural Bridge, Midnight Lady and finally, Contraceptive Implant
                    * Clothes: Quite tomboyish, preferring loose fitting male street clothes or military fatigues, sometimes mixed and matched with body armor, most noteably military helmets of various styles.
                    * Armament: Aside from the aforementioned ChainRipp, prefers precision weapons like rifles and handguns, the higher the calibre the better.
                    * Vehicles : Is skilled in driving from CorpMil days, but is currently too poor to own a ride personally.
                    * Personality: Cold, detached and oftentimes paranoid. "Borderline Cyberpsycho" is how some would describe her when it is time for action. During downtime however, she appears stoic and mellow, even if her eyes have a tendency to rapidly move around for any sign of trouble. Tends to express contempt at her previous career and mainstream news outlets, and believes in a few plausible-seeming conspiracy theories. Her reason for becoming a freelance Solo was that with her training and experiences, killing was the only thing she was good at, being too emotionally and mentally disturbed for more mundane jobs.


                    • #11
                      * Name: Keira "RaWen" Alighiery or only AKeira (for friends) - female
                      * Role: RockerBoy, Solo
                      * Height: 1,8m
                      * Weight 60 kg
                      * Age: 25
                      * Hair: Black
                      * Eyes: grey
                      *Appearance: When she was young she was one of the best killers for the corporation,
                      but because she didn´t want to use implants and she failed mission. Now she is ... living
                      outside the civilization.
                      * Cyberware: night vision lens (turn on/off)
                      * Clothes: dark red coat with hood and exo-skeleton (with claws), brown trousers, white
                      skull mask with voice modulator
                      * Armament: claws, sword
                      * Vehicles : own Gyrocopter with anti-radar shield and sniper rifle
                      * Personality: single, silent, arrogant, attractive bounty huntress

                      "Steal´ng or kill´ng for money is my life..."