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[SPOILERS] Saovine: Holiday of the Dead - Help Solving Puzzles

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    Originally posted by Tiger_Eye View Post
    I scored an easy 2:0 win against Regis in expert mode, with him playing around 40 points in both rounds combined and posing not the slightest threat to me. Was this just luck or did anyone notice the same?

    He also seems to not know how to use his leader card. In normal he didn't play the second form and in expert he just passed without playing it at all.
    I took the approach that you HAD to 2:0 him as his last round carry over is ridiculous.


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      I think the 'Expert' tag is a little misleading. I struggled heavily with the 'normal' challenges first but once you figure out the logic behind each challenge the expert ones are not really that different. So that would be my first piece of advice - disassemble and analyse the board state after every turn and try to plan for your win condition. Analyse what conditions you would need to win then work backwards to your starting hand. Your starting cards, your enemy's hand, and the general order they play it in never change for the first two challenges.

      The first challenge there is no variance whatsoever. The idea is since the effect of your archers is scalar you want to play multiple archers consecutively. Since your hero effectively takes a turn to invert your current units you'll want to use a burst of archers to completely clear the field then finish off with a burst of scythemen. Try and time Germain so he comes out just before a katakan comes out to kill a peasant.

      Second challenge is just a more complicated setup. Start off with Germain for tempo then line up waves of vampires with archers to finish them off with Vesemir, and try to time Vesemir so you can use him a second time when the first katakan comes out.

      For the final challenge with Regis, where the starting conditions are less predictable, you can still set yourself your own conditions. You don't have a full deck so your starting hand is generally consistent. Since your peasants have exponential effects try making a big play to win the first round, pass on second round where the rats also thin from your deck, then use everything else you got to win round 3. I like to try and keep the crossbowmen for round 3.


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        Guys, I need help with the knockin on horrors door expert mode. Apparently it's the new version(?) where the opponent starts off with 3 ekimaras on the back row. I've tried using a guide - and my brain but nothing works lol. I always end up losing with way too few points. Pls help! (the closest I've got is a tie but that won't do much...) Can't find guides that start out the same way as my opponent does. This is so dumb lol.
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          Try this guide: https://youtu.be/ZhxPAqcpsDw?t=130


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            Originally posted by Andrey82 View Post

            Actually, this was one of the easiest: Archer - Archer - Leader - Archer - Archer - all remaining Scythemen.
            Thank you for this ...doing trial and error and trying on "Breaking bread with the dead" to remember all the things between matches,
            my memory is just not good enough to remember all that,
            same reason why I suck at playing chess, my memory just isn't good enough to remember all those combinations ...too much going on in my mind for that.
            How ever I done all the others without help ...takes effort, but hardly any memory game like "Breaking bread with the dead".


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              It is a hard challenge, but story well written


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                Originally posted by 4RM3D View Post
                Not the version I'm looking for but thanks anyway. I'll give it a try.

                Still wanting help on the knockin challenge where the opponent starts off with 3 ekimaras and no queen of the night. This is the worst crap I've seen in a card game but my ocd stops me from quitting lol. Ppl who beat the version I'm playing should receive a fucking medal and not just a titel. It's not that it is a hard challenge it's just a stupid random one that requires luck more than anything and requires you to do it over and over till you lose your mind.

                I've followed this guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJEb0xm95Bg

                I think there is a bug at least for me at the end. Vesemir doesn't get over to the opponents row even when I'm ahead of points? : /

                Fuck this i'm quitting this crap lol. The rng is stupid in this one. Playing some good ol' Dark Souls instead. I like a challenge but only the ones that require skillz lols.
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