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Winning in Arena

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  • Winning in Arena

    Hi guys,

    today I was tryharding some arena and I steped into huge problem which can make people really mad.

    When your opponent forfeit the game just before, your win screen can be broken so you cant see amount of XP you get, you cant send GG and when you want to go back to arena menu, error jumps out and you it will send you to main menu.

    Your win is not counted, if you have daily - it is not counted too so you lost some time for nothing, not even get XP I guess.

    Please, try to fix this, this can be annoying to loose every reward from the game just because some rage-quiter. Thank you.

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    EDIT: Greeting again!

    I got my reward about half hour later so guess it works how it should, but you just get your reward later when this problem occurs.


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      arena doesn't count for dailies, only the specific quests for arena


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        That issue with the sometimes broken win screen after a forfeit is known - unfortunately it has been there for quite some time.
        As Void_Singer mentioned, the normal quests usually don't count for Arena.

        But you can always give your feedback to CDPR support: https://www.playgwent.com/en/contact-support


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          yeah men, thats as a problem


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            so arena costs ore but doesn't proc dailys. rigged.


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              Originally posted by palace10 View Post
              so arena costs ore but doesn't proc dailys.
              Even if you lose in round 1 you get most of the invested value back.
              If you win many rounds you might even get more value from that than you would with normal daily quests.
              So in a way it's a small risk, high reward thing.

              Besides, some of the daily quests are in fact Arena related. And if you don't like Arena, you don't have to play it.

              Anyhow, this is a place for technical issues, not really for discussion like that.