14900k + 4090 (15% chance startup)

Cyberpunk 2077 keeps crashing on startup and I just recent reseted whole computer under 24 hours ago. Nothing has been tempered to boost OC or other things. I have not touched Nvidia panel and from expertise this should be a problem to MOST games. I am not sure if its the new P core update causing to wreck every startup CP but I am getting sick of it. Barely works on startup but once it success goes, im straight to unleashed power 6+ghz


I'm on the newest latest z790 bios update. Newest windows update. I cant get this jack game to work. I bought this rig to run this game; its that bad for 5 year old game but i know its one of the most incredibly demanding and craziest graphics ever (still lacking details *dont be delusional*) like LOD just still looks terrible man i paid 90 USD to this game. I want my refund
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Resolved, make sure u go pl2 (253w) profile; i think intel i9 14900k bios manufactures accidentally went 4.1k kilo watts. My fix was the cpu (P) core problems. I'd love to hear from yall though so we can go 6ghs-7 possibly later on.
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Your processor is the issue. I had similar issues with the 13900K I9's in my desktop. I use "Intel Extreme Tuning Utility", and reduce the performance core to X 52 from X 55, also in the bio's turned off the hyperthreads.
Weird as this sounds, my laptop is a I9 13980K and Cyberpunk 2077 has no problems running. No tuning and hyperthreads running.
The very first thing you should do is adjust the pl1 and pl2 settings to the intel specs. And current core amps to 307. XMP on if you can.
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