2.0 update issues on XBOX

Hi, thank you for the 2.0 (and sorry for my english).
Game is almost perfect, but since 2.0 update, there are a lot of issues ...

- When using bike, my character, is ... Bald with strange outfits ...

- Game crash very often. I finished the game, with previous update, with 2/3 crash in more than 90 hours. With this 2.0 update, i got
5/6 crash in 2/3 hours, ... Often when using the sword or proceding executions (i don't know if this is the cause).

- There are some issues with the outfits profiles. Some profiles exists from the menu, but are empty when selecting them from a V's appartment.

- And other issues, as already reported on the PC version (ripperdoc menu, ...)

Thank you very much for your work.
Started a new save as Nomad, game keep poping up SAVING icon. While "saving" everything stops, can't continue the game, can't hard save or quicksave.
Old character, afther Update 2.0 I cannot improve attributes in the tree - ( INVALID INPUT ) - see jpeg


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Im on series s made a new save cant quick hack and the blue tech effect that happens when Silverhand shows up is stuck on my screen hope they put a hot fix out with phantom liberty
I have the DLC Pre-Ordered But I'm not seeing it. Guessing I'm going to have to wait a few more days to see
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Using explosives weapons like Ba Xing Chong causes terrble lag this didn't happen in version 1.60 plus it had more shots but wasn't as animated with explosions


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XSX - Made the Automatic Love mistake, reloaded & choose a different dialogue option. Now none of my saves have ambient audio. Not even my 100+ hr save.
This has to be heartbreaking for the devs, I never asked for a refund in the beginning when it first launched and I'm not asking for a refund now. I just want to play the damn game. It's so beautiful, but it just pisses me off when the game crashes for the 100th time while Starfield is playable even when it crashes. Please call Bethesda and ask for help, something. Do something.
The deadzone issue and the ads sensitivity are currently bugs. If you set the ADS sensitivity, it only seems to affect scoped weapons and Ironside weapons are not affected in the correct way. There seems to be a huge slow down on scoped weapons, but the iron sided weapons have the opposite effect which is very disorienting.
For - When using bike, my character, is ... Bald with strange outfits ...

If this isn't fixed for anyone, my solution was: delete all of my transmog slots (i have 5/6 done), remade them with the gear i wanted, save & quit and reload. Once back into the game issue was fixed.
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