2.1 - Bug, Unable to interact with elevator panels

I started fresh game with 2.1 update as Street Kid. After drive with Sebastian Ibarra, he dropped up on the street where is elevator to underground parking lot, and where we need to steal car. I can't interact with elevator panel.

I started game again as Nomad this time. Progress with Jackie on first tutorial mission with Sandra Dorset. After this, Jackie drop us on parking lot where we should take elevator to our apartment. Again, can't interact with elevator panel.

Game stuck in both starting paths.

I restarted game several times, load game save several times. Tested with mouse/keyboard and Xbox controller. Nothing helps.
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I fixed my problem by restarting the controls settings (Controls tab in Settings) and then setting them to my previous sensitivity values. Interactions on elevator panels, vending machines, slot machines, etc. are now displayed as intended.
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