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Hmm, a Witcher medallion eh? That could be a valuable asset when hunting down monsters here in Finland.

CDProjekt team, you people simply rock. :)
MM360 said:
What’s so special about today?
I don't have a clue what's special about today for you, but for me it's special because it is the 17th and 17 is my favorite number ever and on the last 17th Kindo and me said 'yes' to each other and by the way, the digit sum of that date was also 17 and also the EE of TW2 and XBoX version were released, so there's another one-month-anniversary. But more importantly, TW2 has been out for a whole year!
And I still haven't managed to give Kindo his special wedding gift, because that could be nothing else than a shiny wolf medallion... Special enough?
I was searching about how to get one without buying the collector's for the enhanced edition and now I get this opportunity. Let's hope I'll get one and I'll never take it off. *crosses fingers*
I can haz a medalion, plz?
Keep in mind that for every medalion that I don't recieve a kitten is killed somewhere in the world.
Gimme a medalion, save a kitten!

This would truly make me happy. but the chances for me to own one are so slim... so please make more so non-winners could also buy one! =]
Thanks for the opportunity - happy to see the XBOX 360 version of the game was so well received and I'm still crunching my way through the books and my (6th?) play through of the game. I don't remember putting this much time into a single player game in quite a while...
let me guess - coz you are, unlike EA or Ubi or Acti or any other big developer/publisher charitable ? Or perhaps thats a gift for 1st anniversary of Witcher 2? Or you love your fan so much that u decided to give them sth nice :)
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