A question for whoever's in charge of traffic and vehicle combat coding/scripting.

Weird thing I started seeing recently (probably new with 2.0 or 2.1) - traffic speeding up in junctions you approach to make sure they are on collision course with you, unless you slow down. Like they have a T-bone wish.

And I have noticed this a lot as well - if you drive past a car combat "event", they will follow you until you stop. Then stop themselves, get out of their cars, and fight eachother to the death. It mostly happens when I'm driving to the old Aldecaldo camp. Militech and Wraiths just randomly decide to follow me all the way to the camp just to show... that they're fighting? Ok? Good job, I guess. Proud of you.

Sooo... who on earth came up with this? And why? :D

Love the game otherwise. Thanks for reading, lamao.

EDIT: Made the post shorter, fixed typos.
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They're bringing you a new gun-car sand taking out the competition for you.
Tip them for the extra loot delivery too.
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