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Ability Idea: Mirror

Recommended faction: Nilfgard

Order: Create a mirror image of your current board for the end of your turn.

I made two images just to show what I think of.
After you activate the ability, the mirror appears, and you can target those (your) cards. Even destroy them.

Recommended strategy: Use this card for your ENEMY-BOOST Nilfgard deck. You can boost your own cards with the "nilfgardian knight".
(Hint: Cahir gets the boost on your side too.)
That was just one idea. Think of further possibilities!


As I see, the Nilfgard update made this idea even better, so it is an ability worth thinking of. Just think about the Impera Brigade - Spy combo. You can spawn a copy of your own cards. You can place the spying unit on your own board, and activate its deploy ability.
Sounds more like a finisher to me, without giving it a lot of thought, it feels like a more civilized beta-Kambi. It's where you create a close-to-identical board state at the end, nullifying any long-round progress that took place up to that point and gain advantage from this.
And I think the old Kambi was removed for a reason :D Not sure if this would be a healthy addition.