Fixes for Rage of the Sea

Storm/Rain Skellige is still a bad archetype. Too slow, difficult, and underpowered.

Some changes I think that could help would be if Rioghan the Undying had Veil so that he could be used multiple times. If you can’t use him multiple times, stacking weather effects serves no purpose. It makes cards like Vaedermaker, Scepter of Storms, etc. pointless since it just stacks more unused and unusable turns of weather on top of each other. It makes the leader ability redundant as well since it’s quite easy to get 10+ turns of Rain on a single row.

Skellige Storm needs a provision or turn buff. There needs to be more ways to turn Rain into Storm other than Fulmar. Kelpie should boost any allied beast, not just unboosted ones. Rain could see a change that it targets 3 units for 1 damage instead of 2. Since this makes it stronger than the other weathers, it might not be a good idea. It could be a passive of the Rage of the Sea leader ability instead. Kraken is too difficult to get its death wish effect off, making it feel overcosted for what it does.
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