Bekker's Twisted Mirror: GWENT Off-Topic

Bekker's Twisted Mirror: GWENT Off-Topic

Dear members, Gwenters, and other lifeforms! In here you can post all things crazy and off-topic. Feel free to meet and greet other members, share funny memes, talk nonsense, go nuts, act weird. Or just... act normal.

There has to be a catch somewhere? Yes, there is! Even though this is an off-topic topic (topic topic topic), good manners are still required, and you are still expected to follow the regular forum rules.

Have fun and remember to keep the discussion:

Wait this is a place to discuss non-Gwent things?

But isn't an off-topic thread a paradox?

Basically if I talk Gwent in this Gwent off-topic thread that would be off-topic?

Let us ponder upon that for the time being.
^That's my off topic dance.

For the record, (1) coffee is best hot, with cream and no sugar, (2) cooking your steak more than medium is a sacrilege, (3) if I was a Cowboy Bebop character, I would be one of the background extras running away from some sort of explosion. I would make it. Probably.
Splendid! Now we can have even more laughs -- and remark on Rawls ' riotous and ridiculously rhythmic randomness! Hahah! Welcome, everyone!
Ugralitan;n7811090 said:
But isn't an off-topic thread a paradox?
Ay, and that's why it's the Twisted Mirror.
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Im waiting for this premium card of Triss :faith:



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lomvicmarko;n7813960 said:
What is this place
This, my friend, is the perpetuation of a long and glorious tradition here on the Forums. Every section has its off-topic of some sort, and this is Gwent's. (Also, it's a wee glimpse into the twilight realm between worlds, which we moderators inhabit.) Please, make yourself at home!
Thank's for this thread, I've read yesterday a blog entry which I wanted to share but it is Witcher 3 related and that forum is pretty much dead. So now I can share it with you, it's about how playing Witcher 3 forced a guy to reflect on his bad choices when it comes to relationships, he is now in therapy :D

I like this quote in particular:
And then they <3 in a lighthouse, because this is The Witcher.
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milosh69;n7815710 said:
I like this quote in particular:

Sorry about the minor edit, but there might be younger folk patrolling around Gwent forums :) There is still some life in Witcher forums. New wave of GOTY players tend to wander around in there, occasionally luring the older veterans into discussions too. So I'd say it's still good to post Witcher related stuff in there. There were recently few interesting articles that I hadn't seen before.

But now, people, let's get back to those wacko memes and casual nonsense!

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