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Bekker's Twisted Mirror: GWENT Off-Topic



Sunsibar;n7811540 said:
Did I just release dancing moderators?

That reminds me I'm still waiting for a black cat and dog gwent card :).

But this cat would be neat too on a card ;)


devivre;n7816780 said:
But this cat would be neat too on a card ;)
That cat looks like me, when I realize what time it is and that I should have gone to bed like 5 hours ago. Luckily it's not the case today, but that has happened quite a few times...

Edit: We definitely need longer days than 24h.
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devivre;n7816990 said:
Totally agree...I'd say 48 hours would be nice for a day :)
That could do the trick... 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, quick tour at the shop (because, for some reason, we need to eat time to time), and then it leaves like 30 hours for games, books and internet! That could be enough. Maybe?


Lawyer... thats great man.. luckily the only one i have ever needed was a divorce lawyer..a decade ago. doh!


maybe this is the right place to ask.

poser / junior member forum tag -

I've seen members that joined yesterday, 2 post, 2 redpoints and listed as Jr member tho others with up to 200 or so posts and many R'points as poser.
how does the tag work? (and for the love of god do not change my poser status I've worked long and hard to achieve this vaulted height and will not relinquish it willingly :) )

if this is too off-off-topic don't tell Rawls. last thing I need is a Twisted Mirror violation